SHARE TANZANIA operates in rural Tanzania, in the foot hills of mount Kilimanjaro. The goal is simple, to alleviate poverty, and improve the lives of vulnerable children living in the area.

The work here began it’s life on 01/01/2014 with John our founding director, its goal was to assist the children into a better quality of life in some way.

Having visited Uchira as a volunteer for an NGO called Village to Village, John wanted to do something about the hardships of the children he had met in the area.


Many of these children had been driven into child labour in some form or another to provide for themselves, some in mines some in quarries or working in the fields, all of which is extremely hard work. Children work for very little pay whilst doing so… Many were managing to just a say provide for themselves with the basics of flour and beans to live off.

Many other promising and bright children, sat idol as parents frantically looked for ways to earn the money to pay school fees.

Most of the children in the our Children’ fund have sadly lost their parents to various illnesses, the majority being HIV/AIDS.
Other children we have helped may have been abandoned, or lost one parent perhaps. Several are living with parents with mental disabilities also.

John moved to Tanzania and took over the then failed NGO he has volunteered with, with a view to bringing it back to life as it were!

Exactly one year later 111 Children had joined the fund. All of these children were sponsored by people from all over the world! Each child now receives full time education, meals, clothing and access to medical care if and when needed. For those families and their children who were homeless, or living in substandard accommodation, the fund also began to provide housing in Uchira.

Many of the children in the fund were once child laborer’s or about to begin a life of labor. So along with all of the above, most of our children regained their childhoods, or were given a chance at their childhoods by preventing its loss to begin with…


One year after that, and as more children from the fund lost loved ones, and guardians, and we could not find a foster home, we opened our doors as a children’s home. That home turned into a Children’s village, which had the addition of a centre for rehabilitating street involved childre.

Now as of 2017, we provide full time care for 22 special needs children, and over 40 able bodied children, some of the children live with HIV, others with trauma, and others with their own issues as we all have, but at least we are one big, all be it unusually structured, happy family…

To date as this is written, over 500 Children are now being assisted with full time education, medical care and all the other aspects of support we offer in the community also, and the fund is growing each week.

Lastly we have over 60 rescue dogs at our animal shelter we built next to the children’s village…

We differ from many other charities and NGO’s when it comes to our values and structure…. Our management team for instance are all full time volunteers, who share their time and lives with the common goal of bettering the quality of life for the children in and around Uchira.

Share Tanzania has its values set greatly in the magic of sharing. Too often we see people who give and move on, which is great and a perfect start! but we believe the world can only permanently end inequality, hunger, suffering and lack of education, housing and medical care… if we begin to learn as individuals to share the resources we have access too, as naturally as breathing say… To look each week at ourselves and say…

“Each week, can i share the cost of a cup of coffee, to give a child an education?”…. (That is all it costs to educate a child here!) and we find many people when faced with that question have simply said…. “yes! of course i can!”

SHARETANZANIA is supported in the UK by our registered charity: Maendeleo Trust 1140669
and is also registered  as a non profit NGO in Tanzania NGO/1893



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      1. Michelle

        I am so touched by your 11:11 story. I have also been awakes by those numbers as well as 222/333/444/555… But 11:11 is prominant in my daily life. You see, a month ago I told my job I needed a few months off. I am the director of my parents childcare center here right outside of Boston Ma USA. I’ve been running my parents business for years and have been working with children for almost 15 years. I love what I do but realized I have this HUGE urge to step back and allow the universe to take over. I want change and want to help the world. It’s overwhelming! Like you I’ve stopped eating red meat and stopped smoking. I’ve been looking into energy work classes and will become reiki certified in a few weeks! As I was watching your video. I heard the song in the background. “Now we are free” was in my wedding video. It literally brought me to tears!!! I look at the clock and its 11:11…… If only you were not so far away!!! Across the world. I would LOVE TO HELP YOUR CHILDREN. That’s what I do. Anyway, I felt drawn to share this with you! You are an angel. If there is any way I could help, please let me know!


      2. johnstjulien

        Hi Michelle, thank you so much for your beautiful words, they mean a lot to me…
        11:11 is such profound yet simple trigger by God, it can have such an impact on us… 🙂 If you ever wish to fund raise, and come and offer your help, we are here..
        That urge you feel is what brought me here, an unexplained urge, but one you just know is right…
        Sorry i cant be more in depth, buys day here ahead… Yours in love, light and gratitude
        John x


    1. johnstjulien

      Hi Denise, Thank you so much for thinking about sponsoring one of the children. It means the world to them, it truly does.
      To set it up you just need to go to the “sponsor a child page” from there I will assign you a child. If you would rather wait and chose a child, I will be posting 3 children who need some helo on facebook, and the website later today or tomorrow. I am a little behind posting this week, as Iv been away for a few days!
      Feel free to email me with any questions john@uchirachildrensfund.org
      Brightest of blessings


  1. Katherine Goodrode

    John, Blessings to you! Besides sponsoring a child money wise… can I send clothing, or other needed things for you to distribute? or is it simply more economical for you to buy them there and distribute. I farm and have four kids and live very modestly but I would love to help these darlings!


    1. johnstjulien

      Hello, Thank you so much for contacting me… 🙂
      You can of course, anything is welcome here, as most children lack most things…
      Its dependent on yourself to some degree… As in how much you can get the freight or post costs for. Often it is more economical, but sometimes people manage to get us things here for a reasonable price… thank you again, I look forward to hearing from you 🙂


  2. Stuart

    I would like to help.. I have tried contacting someone via email.. but did get a reply..
    How can I have a discussion with someone to talk about what help I can offer?


    1. johnstjulien

      Hi Stuart, sorry we are very swamped here! Admin is backlogged and we’ve still a que of people at the gate needing help as ever!
      Bare with us, and someone will be in touch soon!
      Many blessings, and thank you for wanting to help!


      1. Stuart

        No worries, whenever is fine.. But I hope someone does eventually because I think I may be able to help a fair bit..

        Be safe..


  3. Louise hinson

    I’ve just completed the new sponser form and paid through PayPal monthly but have just realised the PayPal account is in my husband’s name !!!! Will that be an issue


    1. johnstjulien

      Thank you so much for reaching out and sharing as you have 🙂 No it wont 🙂 But Iv emailed your husbands email address is all? Hope that’s okay?
      Love and light, and a whole load of gratitude.. John 🙂 x


  4. jackie harrison

    Papa John! Tis ourselves over in Tipperary ( Jackie,Des,Tommy and little Seany)sending you a big happy hello and hoping the day is being kind to you and all our new friends in Uchira.Sorry to bother you now when you are probably needing more hours in a day than you have but John I have just remembered that on Facebook I still have my maiden name (Jackie Harrison) but our PayPal is in my husband’s name.I’m sorry if this causes any bother but if you need any more details please just let us know .Love and all things good to you from us x☺


    1. johnstjulien

      Hello 🙂 Thank you so much for thinking to offer some support… if you check the child sponsorship page it should help? If your in the UK I always say Virgin money is the best 🙂 Love and light to you and yours x


  5. Jo

    Hi John, I have just sponsored a child but the email address given keeps saying failed parmanently. I have checked the obvious, like the right address and still no luck. Please can you advise.


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  6. Jo

    Hi John, it was john village to village, though since i have found and emailed you at John uchira childrens fund. So I hope you will receive that and when you find a moment perhaps respond. Great Love Jo


  7. Carol collins

    Hi John just set up a standing order for £ 16 a month first on goes out of my bank account on the 15th of November please could you let me know who I will be sponsoring so I can send some gifts many thanks
    Carol x


  8. Sam Hillier-Smith

    I have just made a donation on behalf of Tom Elliott, a coach at my daughyers gym club who wanted this as his secret santa gift. Merry Christmas Tom. 😊🎄


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