Ask and it’s given??

This is long over due! I have so much that has gone one, I can’t decide what to write in truth.. I had as normal been a tad overly optimistic and enthusiastic when i announced a weeky blog, you may see that has since changed to monthly… ha
As I say its been a busy few weeks, and as normal it feels like I have lived every spectrum of event and emotion. Iv had sad times as i nursed a puppy we rescued with distemper, until finally i made the call to end her suffering, Iv had the opposite with beautiful memories of a safari trip with Dominic that was given to us as a gift, that I will take with me forever. Iv had magic, and loss, love and longing…. So I’l do my best to touch on as much as i can, but I truly only ever manage to share a small percentage of my life here, and the events that go on.

As I type this, it’s 1:30 in the morning… and all i can see out of my office window is the black of night. Which is strange to me, firstly as i know the bush outside my window is teaming with wildlife at night, wildlife the rescue dogs often spot and let me know at ungodly hours i might add!! I also know that same bush ahead of me is home to families and children, that I know and love, families and children who spend their evenings and nights in pitch darkness, unless they light a fire or own a kerosene lamp, or indeed can afford Kerosene this week.
This is something we overlook I think, how development opens up things we forget were once closed, like the fact I can write this at 1:30 a:m whilst its quiet, Dominics asleep, the dogs are asleep, and the ever growing number of people who come and ask me for help each week are, I presume and hope, are sleeping comfortably too. All because a man named Edison worked his magic one night… It’s strange that one persons thought processes can impact so much so far down the line, I guess the thing to take from that, is chose your line of thought carefully, and don’t let the mainstream or technology like TV do too much of your thinking for you! It stands to reason that many great minds might not of had chance to come up their brilliant idea’s, if they were too often distracted!

I do my best to focus my thoughts on what we need here, I have not publicly told the full story as to how I came to be here in Uchira, but I think i will perhaps do so in a video soon, What i will say about that journey, is how i live my life now is still the same principle, How is not up to us… only what…
When i was coming here, i knew one thing, I wanted a project in East Africa, to help the children i had become heart broken over whilst watching a youtube video. I like most of you reading this had no idea how to make that happen. I’d never been to Tanzania or anywhere in Africa, the furthest from the UK i had ventured was Hungary I think, iv still only visited 5 countries in my life, and the UK and Scotland are in that 5…! Up until December 2014 I hadn’t even been to London… So I’m not that well traveled as you can see! ha
So what did i do, well I used the power of my thoughts, my intentions, to manifest what I wanted and needed. Intentions are the most powerful thing you have as a human, you do nothing at all without an intention. Look around you, nothing you can see began with a thought or intention. If your athiest you might disagree and say nature was not backed with a thought or intention, as its a slightly creation based line of thought… but within our human world of bricks and mortar, and electronics, its clear cut without any doubt that it all began somewhere as a human intention. It’s valuable to remember and know that, as then you can force your thoughts to think of what you want to do and achieve rather than spiral off onto what you don’t want.
So I focused on what i wanted, I had no idea how, but i knew how to control my thoughts and have discipline over my body, something i learned and taught myself with meditation, fasting and reading too… I had to, as we are not taught that in the west, in fact its as if the system would prefer you to act on impulse and your animal nature, as if that is actually what it teaches to some degree, to be undisciplined.
As time progressed, I took the leap, i moved here and by sheer chance it would seem, or to a mind like my own a synchronicity, I took over a failed NGO, that initially i had asked to come and volunteer for. I also only asked to come and volunteer here as i mistook it for a Village 2 Village Uganda! As many of you know I took over Village “to” Village Tanzania! A mistake that was meant to be… With in 2 1/2 years of setting my intentions, and ignoring all the doubts i was sat in Uchira, on my own with 1 acre of land and a house, and the framework of an NGO to work with. It all just dropped into place in its own way. Not to say just thoughts will do it, i still had to give up my life in the UK and board that plane one day, so its balance of thoughts and action. I still today have no idea how I will do what i do… but I am sure beyond all else “what” …it is that needs to be done.
Each day I wake up that’s still what i do, I intend to be of my highest good, and let the hows take care of themselves. People ask me about plans, I have to say “The way i make my plans, is a don’t make my plans..” 🙂
So I mention this, as its the intentions that are difficult for most, to stay focused on what you want, when the world seems hell bent on making it difficult for you to get it.
Two times in the last month Iv had two obvious synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, that were very similar in their outcomes!
The first involved my admin! As things have grown its become hard to track admin. With 152 children and their families to keep track of, the families with sickness or mental impairments we support now, the elderly also, then even the rescue dogs. With in that I am keeping track of who has had what food wise or medical attention wise, school fees clothing… Lets just say its been hard to keep on top of it all!. I am often scrambling for scraps of paper and note books with information iv jotted in them, its been organized chaos for some time now!
So i set an intention, I need a way to organize all of this, I need a system, something, anything!? ha So that week in particular i set an intention that i needed a solution.
Late in the week a young man appeared at my gate. He was well dressed, with clean clothes, and he immediately looked out of place. His name was Albin. Before I could even get the key to open the gate, he told me “Sir, I have just finished University, studying computer programming. I have written a program that tracks school children for schools, including medical fees, and uniforms and things like this, might this be of help to your work here? My relatives in Uchira tell me you work with a lot of children…” I smiled, and couldn’t help but say, someone sent you here today, meaning something much more profound than he thought, as he said “Yes my relatives..??.” 🙂
We tweaked the program, and we now have a system that keeps track of everything in one place…. Ask and it’s given, iv known this for sometime, yet I am still astonished and overwhelmed when it happens, and even stupidly sometimes asking “wow how can that be!..”

Now I don’t care about your beliefs here, be they Muslim,Christian, buddhist, agnostic, athiest, Jainist, Jewish… anything… one thing i can tell you for sure is that this universe we live in will respond to your thoughts, feelings words and intentions and vibrations. Call it a prayer, call it vibrational alignment… what you put out, you get back, which leads me to believe this universe/god/reality/solar system! what ever… loves us greatly.
Even if your an athiest perhaps, you need to look at accepting this fact that your world is taking care of you on what you omit energetically, and if you cant believe that Iv not time to explain, but I would say take it up with Einstein as he wrote about it in the quantum physics that is the framework for much of the world you live in. Whether its answered prayers, or like matching like is not relevant, what is relevant is we can all do it, which means collectively we can think and feel our way into a better world. So the way to a better world, starts inside us, not at the table of the U.N or world governments, but inside each individual heart and mind.

Iv digressed away a little there! ha As it happened again this month too, well it happens almost daily or at least weekly, but what i mean is it happened in a very obvious way.
I had a skype call with Stuart who is a wonderful soul from the UK. He has a company called “The positive company” which is quite successful. So Stuart has helped with some families in the past, and like myself; the idea of sharing resonates with him greatly.

Sharing is key to all I believe, giving is a little easier, when you’ve got a little extra to give for example, that wont impact your daily life, it’s easy not to miss it, i know iv been there… but once you perceive to have given all of your extra’s, you can begin looking at what you have and saying… “okay in truth i can do without that, and that, and this”… that is sharing. Giving up things you use every day that might not be a necessity, and might impact your life in some way. Don;t get me wrong both are important and both are as beautiful as each other! But I believe its once sharing is mastered by the planet the problems we see in places like Uchira can stand a chance of coming to an end once and for all… 🙂 Time to stop giving and start sharing you might say? Who knows…

So Stuart shared with us here, enough for an office in the village. Where we are now is quite far from the center of the village. Iv had mothers have to walk 3km with children sick with malaria in their arms, iv had a woman walk 3 km whilst mid miscarriage too, desperate for some help … days like this let me know I needed a place down in the village itself. Iv chosen a room next to the nursery so I can keep an eye on some of the younger more vulnerable children each day too… So Iv already said it, but thank you Stuart for making that possible.
Stuart also offered to help me get a new member of staff, as Tom and I are very much stretched most days… So this was a big decision! and I had people in mind, but I often follow my intuition on things, and when it came to hiring the people I had in mind just felt wrong for some reason.
So i sent it out into the universe, into consciousness, into the quantum framework of atoms we are all made up of…. I wanted a female firstly, as sometimes talking to men is difficult for some of the people we help, I also want someone to help with the menstrual sanitation project, something iv been quiet of as late, but it’s there still!
I discussed it all with Tom and began wondering about advertising, which is not like me…. So that afternoon in meditation, I said “show me, pelase?…” ………
Hours later a young muslim woman appeared at my gate, looking very peaceful with her head wrapped to avoid the sun… She too looked a little well dressed, clean clothes etc so i was curious immediately.
“I have just studied community development and counselling and my family in Uchira tell me you might be a good place to inquire about work…?” Again that wave of thanks came over me and I had to stop myself from vocalizing my thanks to the unseen energies that bring me these amazing coincidences… That young lady starts her trial on Monday, my birthday in fact!.. so we will see if it was right, i suspect it will be, as Tom is perfect and her appeared in the same fashion… !

So I can’t help but take away from this something iv known all along, but feel I should share and that is quite simply “Ask and its given…” So be careful what you ask for and focus on, you might just be asking for something you don’t want if you let your mind run away with itself!… 🙂

To finish off I will tell you about Dom as we had good news… This month we went on safari! Again very much an ask and its given moment!! I posted it on the facebook page so i wont go into it in depth, but i wanted to take him as he had not seen a lot of the animals here, and  i meditated and asked “I would like to take him now if possible, whilst he is well enough to enjoy it..” I am a volunteer as most of you know, so I don’t earn anything, i get my food and permit costs donated and thats it. So expendable money for things like a safari I don’t have! Thankfully and amazingly my wonderful friends Sandra and Jens randomly emailed me, and said they would like to give me and Dominic a free safari with the safari company they part own! I was blown away. I met Sandra and Jens through the animal rescue, they indeed played a role in the first 5 official residents at the rescue, so in part are responsible for me having 18 dogs! 🙂 ha but we love all the same…

So health wise, Iv placed Dominic on a vegan diet, as its the nutrition i know. His CD4 count is the strength of your immunity. A normal person is 1200/1500. With HIV 500 is danger zone, where you start developing meningitis and things like this as the immune systems fails. Dom was at 700 on his last test before he came here, and his doctor at the hospital was prepared for the worst. He then took a new on after he had been with me 6 weeks… 1270………… 1270!! A normal reading… 🙂 “How did you do this?” “What are you eating?” he was so keen to know how to make it jump up so high….. “fresh fruits in abundance, lots of boiled vegetables and grains, and roots, Nothing fried, no oil…. High carb, low protein low fat” is the answer I gave. The hospital that day had chicken and chips for all the HIV children… something they perceive to be healthy as its expensive here… and that is why they cant make CD4’s jump up like we managed. I am so grateful he is in a safe place with his immunity and health for now naturally, so very very grateful… 🙂

So much more has gone on, iv experienced homesickness for the first time in forever, as it was my Nephews first birthday and i wasn’t there… but I just hope when he’s older he understand his Uncle John loved him, for all I wasn’t there to see him grow up… Iv no doubt another emotional one coming, as I turn 30 on the 30th of March… and I never in my life thought I would celebrate my 30th birthday how i will be… in an obscure Tanzanian village, surrounded by need and poverty, but also in a place where i am loved dearly by most I meet, a place where smiles and laughter are plentiful, as its all people have left to offer you… I might not of imagined my 30th to be as it will be here, but I wouldn’t change it for the world with it…

Love and light everyone 🙂 xx

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