“Chances to share” project…

“Time to stop giving, and start sharing…”

As word has spread to the many neighboring communities of our presence in Uchira, more and more people in the area have begun seeking us out to ask for a little assistance. These men, women and children are often desperate for help, in some which way shape or form… daily people are at our gates, and we listen to each and every one of them, but sadly we often can not help everyone due to lack of resources…

Unlike larger charities, I want to give people a chance to meet those that come to our gates who need help in life, and see and hear their stories first hand. The children’s fund is not backed by a large donor, or funded with a grant from some obscure government body, everyone we have helped has been made possible by the love and sharing of everyday individuals, believing in what we are trying to do for the children and their families here in Uchira.
It is to some degree out of frustration of not being able to help everyone that I have decided to try and launch our “Chances to share” project…

“Chances to share” project  is a simple idea. People who wish to donate to charity often wonder where the money went, how it was spent and so on. This projects shows you exactly what is needed, by who and for what reason. This new initiative will show anyone wanting to support the work here just that, be it individually or as a group effort.

How it will work…

  1. When an person in need here comes to us, and we have not the money or resources available to help that person or persons, we will document the problems they are facing.
  2. With that individuals permission, we will take photo’s and or video and put together an appeal.
  3. We will then directly share that persons problem on our website and social media pages on the day/ or the following day, that they come to us for help.
  4. We will also share the solution to the problem. Be it medical care costs, housing costs etc… (most often it is medical care people ask us for help with at the moment)
  5. We will provide the chance for an individual or group of people to directly help that person, by sharing with them what is needed.
  6. We are completely non profit, 100% of what is shared for any person we post about will go directly to solving their issues, what ever they may be..
  7. We will finish the sharing by making a video of the person or persons helped, so they can directly explain the help they received and what it has meant to them and their lives.
  8. This can have an impact beyond comprehension… in a country where a £10 medical bill can cost a person their life, sharing can, does and will change the lives of your neighbors here in Tanzania.

Our hope is that this initiative will allow anyone, who may be feeling they are in a position to make a charitable donation, able to “share with a person” rather than just to give to a faceless charity pot.

 To see the face, and hear of the life and the problem a fellow human on this planet is facing right now…. and to offer some love and support, as if that person were in your home city, town, village or street even.

A chance to start sharing with someone in need, from one human to another and see the difference that makes up close, as we do daily…


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