Chances to share, Success stories!

Hi everyone, this is Victor, he is 17 years old…


Victor wrote me a letter last week explaining that due to the fact both of his parents passed away, he had not attended school enough as he struggled to pay the fees.. This lead to him failing his exams sadly…

Victor is a bright young man, with a good heart and a lot of promise… had he not lost his parents, and had access to a full education; Iv no doubt he would of excelled at school given the chance too.
Now though with no one to support him, he is facing a life time laboring in the local quarries, or seasonal work in the fields. Ultimately he would live in extreme poverty on less than $1 a day… all because his parents passed away and weren’t here to support him.

Victor tells us he has a simple dream now, its not to be rich, or powerful and super successful, but simply to drive a bus… and start a family of his own. 🙂

To do this Victor needs to attend vocational driving school, and also apply for his license…
To do this, with all things paid for costs £292… With in 60 days of starting the course, Victor will be able to begin his dream, and start working as a bus driver on one of the many local dala dala’s (buses)…

If you can share even a little with Victor, it will literally change his life from here on in…
He has had a hard start in life, but is dtermined not to let that get him down, and to somehow makes his dream come true, to drive a bus, and be a parent himself 🙂

Thank you for looking at Victors appeal… and thank you for any support you can share with it! 🙂

There is a dedicated fund raising page for Victor on virgin money giving, you can go there by clicking the link below…
All pay pal donations will be added to the offline donation total on that page! 🙂

Love and light from Uchira everyone x

Thanks to the love and sharing of everyone out there who shared with Victor, he is now at driving school learning to become a bus driver! Without this Victor literally would of spent his life pounding rocks in a quarry to be able to afford flour and beans 3 times a day… Sharing changes lives so so much here…

Thank you with all our hearts for your love and sharing, and from Victor.. Asante Sana…. 🙂


Bibi (Grandmother) & Babu (Grandfather) Zaliva


For all many people are in need in Uchira, on this occasion the community asked me if i could please go and help and elderly couple in trouble… Bibi and Babu Zaliva are both in their 80’s now… Life is difficult in Tanzania for anyone who is the same age as Bibi and Babu, but things are all the DSCF8012 DSCF8013more difficult for this couple. Babu is now completely blind and is struggling to do anything now he can’t see… I was first taken to see the couple as Babu had begun breaking stones to try and earn a little money for food and such to get by. Breaking stones is dangerous work, and very physically demanding.
Thanks to the fund raiser, Bibi received the medical care she needs, and is continuing to receive it as i write this. Both have been provided with the amenities they need to ensure their lives are much more comfortable than they were before. Items such as a decent bed, a gas cooker to save Bibi cooking on an open fire indoors, something that nearly blinded her! Also not forgetting food parcels, to ensure Babu does not feel a need to break stones each day…

Thank you for everyone who shared with Bibi and Babu! I will be posting some photos and a video soon to show their progress! 🙂
Love and light everyone 🙂

William Mmbanda


William appeared at our gates and begged us for some help, it is in part William that nudged me to start “Chances to Share.”….

In February 2015, thanks to the love and support of all the people who shared with William, he underwent the surgery he so desperately needed. William is now all but recovered from his ailment. The surgery has given William a second chance at life, in a literal sense, as the condition was life threatening! Also in the sense that William can now work and live again, as prior to the operation the pain was unbearable for William to even walk or sit.
Thank you again to everyone who helped…
Love and Blessings
John and William…

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