Children who need a sponsor…

Hi everyone, and thank you for thinking about helping one of the children…

All of the information you might need about the sponsorship is on sponsor a child page, but in brief sponsoring a child provides:

  • Access to full time education
  • Access to medical care as and when needed
  • Access to suitable nutrition
  • Housing if required
  • Clothing shoes and all school equipment
  • (Additional support, tuition, income supplementation to avoid children having to labor outside of school, Vocational training.)

Children who need a little help…



This is Dinna, she is 5 years old…IMGA0105

Dinna lives with her mother and younger sister. Sadly the father has disappeared, they suspect he has actually passed away, but can’t be sure…
The 3 are living below the poverty line.. Their mother cooks Mandazis on the street for a living (flour, sugar and oil) to make a type of doughnut. This is by far not enough income to support 2 little girls.
Dinna is ready to start infant school, but without the fees she must stay at home. Having 2 little ones to care for is naturally making their mums ability to make money any lesser than it is…
Dinna has no access to educatoin, medical care, or adequate nutrition…
That can all change for Dinna and her mum, by sharing as little as £2.60 a week with the family…
A tiny amount to make such a big change in a young life..

Thank you for taking the time to read about Dinna, if you feel you can help her in anyway, please do get in touch… or visit the “sponsor a child page to find out more..”




This is Habiba she is 9 years old.IMGA0066
Sadly Habiba was abandoned by her parents a few years ago.. no one is sure why they did this, and it came as a big shock to Habiba’s grandmother who had to come to Uchira when she heard what had happned, she now cares for Habiba and her little brother.
The family have a secure home at least as they own a small piece of land with few rooms built on it. They get by for food etc and with no rent there is no threat of homelesssness thankfully. However school fees have become a problem for the grandmother…as she is getting older she cant work as much to earn the money to pay them ultimately.
Consequently Habiba has been asked to leave school until they can pay the fees they owe.
This is bad situation, if they cant afford fees now, they never… this leaves Habiba vulnerable as without education the only option left for her is to start laboring tp support herself, most likely this would be in the fields or in a local quarry where many chidren work…
To stop this from happening and to ensure Habiba spends her child hood in school getting an education (where all children should be!) does not take much…
Sharing as little as £2.60 a week is all it takes in fact… Less than the cost of a take away a month, change a childs life beyond comprehension…

If you feel you can help Habiba in anyway, please do get in touch, or visit the “sponsor a child page” to find out more…

Thank you for taking the time to read about Habiba… 🙂


There are 12 comments

    1. johnstjulien

      Hi Sandra, Lovely to meet you.. Thank you so much for wanting to help one of the children firstly!
      To set up a sponsorship, you just have to chose a child, and go to the sponsor a child page and follow the steps.
      From there I post a thank you on facebook, and of course get whichever child it may be off to school!
      Children in need of a sponsor and their details are on the “Children who need a sponsor” page… (Iv just updated it since you messaged with their details as they were missing before!) If you’ve any more questions please feel free to email me on
      Thank you again for wanting to help one of the children, look forward to hearing from you..


  1. Jim

    Hey John I would like to help out. Are the latest Children from the family you are helping in you latest vid Lesson in morality going to be put on the page for sponsoring? Or do Dianna and Habiba still need sponsors?


  2. kay

    Hi John, it is a lovely thing you do and yes I want to sponsor a child, but there is no part of me that could or would want to chose. I have two boy’s of my own Flynn 13 and Ross 4 and want them to play a role in sponsoring one of the kids and become part of each others development, which will help them too in growing into supportive young men of the future. Hopefully this will educate them in the small community of people you’re helping. Possibly in the future it may lead them to do something similar.


  3. ERIm

    Are these two children the ones who need help right now? Are there more children? I saw the video showing about 20 children needing help. Do I have to choose? I wish I could help them all, but I can help one, and I can ask other people to help one. Thank you.


    1. johnstjulien

      There are not just these two no… I just haven’t had time to update the website is all… sorry!
      I can just assign you a child if you prefer? Naturally people find it hard to chose… iv been there when i first started doing this.. now i just work through the list is my rule 🙂 Thank you so much for wanting to share your support…. love and light 🙂 x


  4. Sandra

    I would love to sponsor a child and I possibly know others that might want to also. How many children do you have that need to be sponsored? When I looked on the sponsor page it looks like you only have one? Please get back to me asap. Thank you for all your hard and rewarding work with these children and families. May you and all of the children be looked after well.


    1. johnstjulien

      Hi Sandra… 🙂
      Thank you so much for thinking of sharing your support with one of the children here… It means the world to them, it really does! Shamefully Iv just not gotten the website updated in a while! We have been so busy, but it is on my to do list… We have literally 1000’s of children needing sponsors… I must get it updated this week! At present we just assign children, most people ask us to chose anyways as they struggle too, which is normal as i am barely used to it even now! Please email me if you need any more help with this? …. Love, light and many blessings, John


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