Hey everyone, so for Christmas 2016, we have decided to do things a little differently than normal!
xmasFirst of all we want to introduce our gift certificate idea! I love Christmas, and the magic it seems to bring to this time of year, in fact the childrens fund now supporting hundreds of children, was started with a Christmas fund raiser page on Facebook So Christmas spirit is in the foundations of all we do here! 🙂

Virgin money fund-raiser here! 🙂

Sponsor a child for a loved one this Christmas..

This year we have decided to offer a child sponsorship certificate. If like me you love the season, but are not keen on the normal material gifts and extra pairs of socks that we dont really need, or sometimes want dare I say! Then the concept is simple, instead of buying gifts for your loved one, you sponsor a child for education, food, medical care, housing and ammenities like a mattress to sleep on instead of the floor, and a solar light to do homework with on an evening.

What you get? You will recieve a beautiful individualized gift certificate to hand to your loved one on Christmas morning, and 365 days of knowing you helped to change a young life too of course 🙂

If you are interested in sharing the gift of sharing this year, please fill out the form below, and we will help you from there!
Scroll down to see our Christmas gift box project! Merry Christmas everyone 🙂

certificatesponsorship1The gift Certificate 🙂

Virgin money fund raiser here! 🙂

Share a Christmas day with a child here, who will otherwise go without!
If you already sponsor a child here in Uchira, then we have something else that is new this year! Some sponsors manage to post gift boxes over to their sponsor children, but we have found the costs are quite high to do this, and also the postal service can often be a little all over the place… this I received Christmas boxes in July that were sent last year to give you one example!
So we are doing a simple fund raiser, to provide a simple, yet magical Christmas day for the children in the fund, and those waiting to find a sponsor with it!

What to do? a Donation of just £10, or $15 is all it takes for one child. For that we can create a gift box here in Tanzania, with pens, pencils, exercise books, school bag, and some books and toys, and rule out the expensive postal costs!

If you fill out the form above and (check the Share Christmas with a child in Uchira, box), then make a donation via paypal, or the virgin money giving page linked below, we will send you a photo of the child who you gave a Christmas too this year… If you already sponsor a child, then of course that is the child you will be giving a christmas too! We also know that some of you out there like to spoil the children 🙂 (I know im one of them 🙂 ) ha so we can put together larger gift boxes based on your donation if you wish, just let us know!

Virgin money fund raiser here! 🙂