Community Projects

Here at the fund we do our best to help develop the community and the amenities available to the children living with in it…
Up to now we have seen some major successes along side many smaller community projects… Our most successful projects to date for the community as a whole were our:

 Solar Library: Uchira’s first and only Library… using traditional text books and over 30 kindles charged by solar power we not provide a library, and with it a librarian and teacher for hundreds of children each week.

Vocational training center: In 2015 we opened a vocational training center with help from 4 volunteers from AFD Belgium. The center trains children in the use of sewing machines to be tailors or seamstresses in the future. Each child that qualifies is sponsored, so they also receive their own sewing machines and business training when they are qualified.
The center pairs up with our washable sanitary pads for school girls project we call Tanzipads also, and in July we supplied thousands of pads free of charge to girls who were other wise taking time off school whilst menstruating.

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