Family Sponsorship


Recently in a few situations, we have found it necessary to support some families in Uchira with basic needs. This goes against our view in some ways, as it is much preferred to provide sustainable income or employment to assist those in need.

However, some families be it due to sickness, mental health or just the down to the unavoidable harsh circumstances they have found themselves in, just can’t provide for themselves with basic things like food, water and adequate shelter.

To combat this Uchira Childrens fund started this sponsorship option, whereby you can share a helping hand with those families who need it most.

Just £22 a month can provide food, water, basic housing and even beds for the year; for a family of 4 in and around Uchira.

If you are interested, and have the ability to share with a family here in Uchira, please get in touch <strong> or call us on +255785740881</strong>

Sponsorship can be done annually, or monthly whichever is easiest for you….

To set up a monthly sponsorship using Pay Pal, please simply click the link below, and the fill out the form also.


Monthly- Direct debit Virgin Money Giving:

Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

To set up a monthly payment direct from your bank account, please follow the link above to our Virgin Money Giving page. Once there simply:

Select make a donation/monthly/on the right hand side of the page, then enter the amount you are donating.

Also in the comment box please write family Sponsorship, and that’s it is ready to go!

(Please remember, you still need to fill out the contact form below. 🙂

(If you are a UK taxpayer remember you can select gift aid this way too. Gift aid is a government initiative to give back to those in need with no additional cost to the donor. When gift aid is selected, 25% of the donations made are matched by the government gift aid scheme!!!





Alternatively you can set it up as a standing order with our UK Barclays account:

Village to Village

Sort code: 208218

Account Number: 03032965

As always thank you for your love and support. Asante Sana, Thank you! 🙂




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