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Hi everyone, thank you for thinking of sharing with the children here… All donations shared, help to alleviate the poverty and suffering of vulnerable children and their families here in Tanzania… If you want  to share with a specific project, please leave a note with your donation if possible, to say which one, or if the payment method you use does not have that option to leave note, drop us an email on to specify which one also.. 🙂

Sharing even a little, can and does change a lot here….

Thank you for your love, sharing and support, we cant do what we do here without it… if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Director John via the details on the contact page…


Make a donation using Virgin Money Giving

Pay pal donations

Bank deposits are also welcomed to our UK Charity account…

Uchira Childrens Fund
Barclays Bank
Sort Code 20-82-18
Account number 13499774
(We can claim gift aid on all of your donations too! If you are a UK taxpayer that is) The gift aid initiative allows us to claim a further 25% on your donation, with no effect on yourself… please drop us an email for paypal donations, or bank deposits letting us know we if we can claim… Thank you)




There are 9 comments

  1. Kaine jackson

    Absolutely beautiful charity, will try to share as much as possible. John your videos have really brilliant and eye opening and i would definately be looking to do some voluntary work in the future! Thankyou for all your work.


  2. Greg beachen

    Hi John
    I noticed Williams donation page has closed. Is that because he has the funds for the op or is he still needing help


  3. Angela Perieteanu

    John – my husband watches your youtube videos and is absolutely inspired by your charity. For his birthday, all he asked for were donations to Uchira in lieu of gifts. I will be making the donation today – thank you for your work!

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  4. Antony Graham

    John, I want to donate some money via bank transfer. You asked above if we could drop an email first regarding ‘gift aid’ so let me know when is best to make a transfer. Nothing but respect for you bro ! Antony. UK, Luton


    1. johnstjulien

      Hi Antony, thank you so much for wanting to share your support with the children, we cant do a thing without it after all! 🙂
      Please just make it at your leisure, and let me know once you have, then i can keep an eye out for it… When you let me know, also include your home address and a mesaage to give permission to claim the gift aid, and we can take it from there!
      Thank you for the kind words…
      Love and gratitude


  5. Shelley

    I’m so glad God led me to your site and charity. I am a single mom of a college student, I work in social services, hence very little extra income. When the college loans come due it will be ridiculous. Oh well, no worries, we will get by as we always have. I had been giving a few bucks here and there to a disabled veterans charity because I feel strongly about the absurdity of war. But when I found your site I instantly knew I wanted to contribute. I am a humble yet honored bronze level donator.
    Your philosophy is brillant. I believe it’s probably the only way out of this backward state we humans have gotten ourselves into. My only reservation had to do with the Christian leanings, but I believe you have filtered out the chaffe. I strongly believe organised religion caused the backward-ness …lol-when what we needed was organised spirituality.
    Anyway, thank you, thank you for your service to the human race.


  6. Adela

    Hi John,

    I live in the states. It seems I am having great difficulty making a donation. I do use my mobile. Can you make a suggestion to help me get the donation through to you? God bless you and all you do for the children, families, and animals of Tanzania. 😍


    1. johnstjulien

      Hi Adela 🙂 Thank you so much for reaching out to us… hmm what is happening exactly? Have you a paypal account can i ask??
      Feel free to email me by the way.. hopefully we can get this resolved x


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