Angesl Gate rehabilitation center for street children…

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In March 2016, Feathers Tale began a new path and journey with in its mission to help the children of Tanzania.
After a chance meeting one evening, by our founder John and his partner Fritzi, with a child named William… the first street child came into our care that very night. William had lived on the streets for many months, and his tattered clothes and early signs of Kwashiorkor told the story of hard life had been for him. The invite he received to have a bed for the night, a belly full of food, and to attend school was in his words a very big blessing from god! 🙂
As time progressed we met other children, some of which were friends of William in fact. One by one, they too asked for our help, and a place to sleep, eat and of course be loved as every child should be.

Why the center? and not the childrens Village?

Sadly many of the boys and girls have endured such horrific times on the street, that for safeties sake they need a little extra care and attention away from the other children.
Many children are abused and raped on the streets. It is the story of one boy that made John decide upon opening the center in fact.
This particular child had endured such abuse and hardship that it is hard to repeat, but to understand why we must do what we do for these children, it also must be heard.

Paul (which is not his real name) asked someone who knows about Feathers Tale for some food one day as he was hungry, and thus we met him on the street and brought him back to the childrens village for some food, clothing and at that stage we thought to live too… However as our social work team interviewed Paul, the dark reality of his life became heart breakingly clear!
Paul told us how from a young age older boys and men had taught him how to have sex with other men, raped and abused him. It became such a frequent occurrence in fact, that eventually Paul used to go willingly to be abused, and raped by these men. In some sad way, it was the only human contact this then 12 year old boy had whilst living on the streets.

With this knowledge in mind, it became apparent to us that the childrens village with so many vulnerable children, some disabled some with no experience of such things, or even knowledge of sex etc, was not the place for such children. Street children who have been abused, speak act and live in a different way to those who have not. They need specialist care, and with it we could see a specialist center, where 24 hour counselling and care was available, and where boys and girls who have endured this can speak openly of their pasts whilst they heal together.

This is why a separate “Feathers Tale Rehabilitation center for street children” was born…

We had no funding to open such a center we might add, but after 3 days of prayer, and someone watching this video… a wonderful family from London reached out and shared enough with us to rent a house in the local town of Moshi…

How to help?

As with all we do, all our resources come from people who find us on social media, and feel moved to share with the children. I should correct that slightly, as we grow some of our own food now, mother earth also provides along side humanities good will…

Naturally the center has running costs. 24 hour staff, clothing, soap, food, rent and of course the education of the children who live there.
To help with these costs we have both a direct donation facility, and a child sponsorship program too.

Child sponsorship:

To correctly care for the children at the center, with full time counselling and care, the costs and needs will differ from child to child. Some children will need a lot of help compared to others, it all depends on the level of hardship they have faced on the street, and with it the level of damage done, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Sharing even a little each month can make a huge difference to a childs life, in fact to more than one…as without the support we can’t possibly do what we do…
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Of course the smaller amounts will not support a child outright, in fact it costs around £75 a month to keep a child at the center… however, if 7 people donate £10 a month, then those 7 people will all share in supporting a child here, so every amount can, does and will help change the life, or lives of the children here… as always, we believe sharing is the answer to almost every problem humanity faces, especially where poverty is concerned.



All and any donations, be it a one off or regular support are welcomed with a lot of love and gratitude, by the team and children alike…

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